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Water Heating Solutions

NeoPower can help you save on your water heating solutions. We have various options available for the different types of applications. We focus on mainly three types of solutions:

  • Solar operated
  • Retrofit (Combination of solar and electricity)
  • No pressure (gravity) solar unit

Solar Operated – Solo Plasma Geyser

A new unique design, combining a solar panel and hot water tank into one integrated unit. This hybrid solar unit (SOLO) is extremely cost-effective saving up to 85% on energy and water heating costs, guaranteed with a 7 year warranty.

The units come in 100 litre modules, which can be connected in series to make up the capacity required. The solar operated unit is ideal for any situation where electricity is not available. The unit can connect as a feeder to an existing geyser. The benefit of this is that as water is used from the electric geyser, it will be replaced by hot water, resulting in the element of the geyser working less, saving on electricity costs.

The solar/electric unit is ideal for new homes/buildings or when a geyser needs to be replaced. The manually filled unit provides hot water where there is no municipal or any constant supply of running water.

The unit is free standing and easily filled from a container. Ideal for people living in rural areas or farms. Portability creates a multitude of uses for the manual ISG. The system has no visible tank with built in temperature control and built in valve.

Retrofit – NeoThermo Solar PV Hybrid System

Save money and energy by converting any electric geyser, using the power of the sun for heating your water. All you need is a 3 x 250 / 300 watt Photovoltaic (PV) panels and a NeoThermo Titanium Element

The system requires no batteries, inverters, plumbing, pumps, or freezing. Our system withstands winter conditions and still produces energy on cloudy, winter days

You can control the water temperature with a dual controller which also allows you to switch from AC to DC power as required. The system does not overheat or burn out the element. It is easy to install and designed to last 10 years

No more scale build-up as titanium repels scale making it more energy efficient as a 1mm build-up of scale increases power consumption by 18%

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Induction Geysers

Our geysers have a low capital layout, making them easy to install, saving up to 35% electricity use. It is an effective stainless steel water storage unit that saves water and space. Its capacity is: 30l, 50l, 80l

There are no maintenance costs involved and the geysers can be installed at point of use with standard plumbing fitting. Our induction geysers are ideal for areas with hard water. The magnetic current heats the water preventing calcium build-up

We use split magnetic induction water heating in our geysers with a voltage of 220v. The geysers have a wall mounted installation with high quality insulation and a 15 year life expectancy

Power range required: 2000 – 4000v. Class 2 safety rating, eliminating water damage . Our induction geysers provide you with quick access to hot water and only require a 15 Amp wall plug

Thermodynamic Solar Assisted Heat Pump

A Revolutionary Water Heating System

  • This revolutionary product is going to change the way people look at heating water for domestic, commercial, and industrial use
  • It is the all in one solution to your hot water heating requirements, enabling us to offer a complete range of Solar Assisted Heat Pumps, with either our 130L or 200L indirect, unvented cylinder, suitable for every installation
  • This hot water heating and storage system has been extensively tested and utilises our already proven technologies
  • Relying on thermodynamic principles, the Solar Assisted Heat Pump range, transfers this energy to water within its casing, to efficiently and cost-effectively handle your water heating demands
  • The pump heats water day and night in almost all weather conditions, all year round
  • The thermodynamic pump can be installed on the wall or roof, depending on your requirements and space
  • It can heat water to 55 °C and has a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty